Name Title Tribal Organization Phone Extention Email Comments
Jessica Strand Environmental Specialist Bad River 715-682-7123 1551 Primary Rep; WTCAC Secretary
Loretta Livingston Food Sovereignty Coordinator Bad River 715-682-7111 Alternate WTCAC Rep
Naomi Tillison NR Director Bad River 715-682-7123 Alternate WTCAC Rep
Frank Shepard Land and Natural Resources Division Director FCPC 715-478-7205 Primary WTCAC Rep
Ben Koski Environmental Sciences Manager FCPC  715-478-7205 Alternate WTCAC Rep
Randy Poelma Environmental Sciences Program Manager Ho-Chunk Nation 715-284-9851 5061 Primary WTCAC Rep; Wetlands Committee Chair
Ethan Sennett Forester Lac du Flambeau 715-588-4262 Primary WTCAC Rep
Brett McConnell Environmental Specialist LCO 715-634-0102 Primary WTCAC Rep
Daniel Tyrolt Environmental Engineer LCO 715-634-0102 Alternate WTCAC Rep
Jeremy Pyatskowit Environmental Services Director Menominee 715-799-6152 Primary WTCAC Rep
Tina Van Zile Environmental Program Director Mole Lake 715-478-7605 Primary WTCAC Rep; WTCAC President
Nathan Podany Hydrologist Mole Lake  715-478-7605 Alternate WTCAC Rep; WTCAC Treasurer
Mike Arce Environmental Specialist Oneida 920-869-4590 Primary WTCAC Rep; WTCAC Vice President
Gabrielle Vanbergen Project Coordinator Red Cliff 715-779-3795 Primary WTCAC Rep
Jeremy Bloomquist Land/Water Resources Manager St Croix 715-349-2195 5183 Primary WTCAC Rep; Fisheries Committee Chair
Sarah Slayton Environmental, Natural Resources, and Tribal Utilities Director St Croix  715-349-2195 Alternate WTCAC Rep
Paul Koll Forester Stockbridge-Munsee 715-793-4368 Primary WTCAC Rep; Forestry Committee Chair
Kelly Zahn Farm Manager Stockbridge-Munsee 715-793-3031 Alternate WTCAC Rep; Agriculture Committee Chair